All new WHITE GOLD brackets!

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Champagne White Gold Braces Brackets

An all-new WHITE GOLD bracket has been added to our lineup of smile options, and we can’t believe how much we love it! Thank you for showing off your new #SchoettgerShine, Garrett!

In February, we started using a NEW aesthetic bracket that is champagne colored, and it has been very popular with all ages, even adults. The difference is quite noticeable in person, but can you tell the color difference in these photos?

The more you know:

⭐️There is no extra charge for any of our smile options! Your individual treatment fee is the same whether you choose traditional silver stainless steel brackets, clear ceramic brackets, white gold brackets, or even Invisalign clear aligners!

⭐️Our doctors are currently the only Lincoln practice to offer the white gold option!

⭐️The coloring isn’t a coating, but a mixture with the traditional stainless steel, so no peeling of the color!

Which one of our four smile options is your favorite?

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