Your braces questions, answered.

Yes! Certain first visits are done at certain times of the day when the doctors are move available, but after that we are flexible and you will have an adjustment once every 6-10 weeks.

Yes! Hygiene (good toothbrushing habits) is key in having a good result with braces treatment. Brush and floss at least twice a day as recommended by your dentist to have an optimal outcome.

Yes! If you have traditional metal braces, you can choose your band colors at your visits!

Yes! Clear brackets on the upper teeth are offered at no extra charge.

Yes! We set everyone up with no-interest payment plans and automatic payments for your convenience.

We accept all insurance plans and will check for you at your first appointment what your dental insurance plan will cover and take that into consideration when setting up your payment options sheet. We are also PPO for many of the main insurance providers in Nebraska.

There is a payment-in-full discount and we offer a family discount as well.

Once you start your plan, everything is included. Every visit you need, after-hours care or questions if ever needed, soft tissue laser recontouring or cosmetic tooth reshaping if necessary, one round of retainers at the end of treatment, even extended to checkup visits up to a year after treatment is all at no extra charge.

Yes! A great smile leads to enhanced confidence, but most importantly, straight teeth are healthy teeth.

Crowded or poorly aligned teeth can lead to trapped food particles and tooth decay, extra wearing where the bite puts extra stress on tooth surfaces, and even breathing problems associated with blocked airway passages.

We can help with all of these issues!

Yes! According to the AAO, children should visit an orthodontist by age seven to intercept possible problem conditions during growth that could make braces or Invisalign treatment much easier when they are older.

Your first visit is free, and many children will enter an observation phase of free visits until their teeth or jaw is ready to start interceptive orthodontics or braces or Invisalign treatment.

Yes of course! Our doctors are experts in the way teeth move safely, at any age. Children are recommended by the AAO to be seen by age seven to possibly intercept growth issues, and we see every age of teens and adults!

Being treated by our Orthodontists ensures your treatment is safe for a stable bite, and monitored correctly to prevent tooth damage as your teeth move. 

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