Once your treatment is complete, the best way to keep your teeth straight and your smile beautiful is through retainers.  Here at Schoettger Orthodontics, a combination of both fixed and removable retainers are used to maintain your smile.  The best way to ensure great results is to wear them exactly as instructed. Otherwise, some of the great progress made by your braces will be lost.

There are three keys to getting the most out of your retainers:

  • Wear them as directed – this cannot be stressed enough. Following the instructions given in your removal letter is the best way to get your teeth straight and keep them that way.​
  • Keep them clean – we’ll show you how to keep your retainers clean. In doing so, they’ll not only work better, but keep the buildup of bacteria out of your mouth. A thorough cleaning from your dentist is recommended every six months.
  • Handle with care – if a removable retainer is not in your mouth, it should be placed in its case. While they are easy to lose, they aren’t cheap to replace. Should you lose or break your retainer, contact us immediately and we’ll get a replacement made.

Clear Retainer

 The Herbt appliance is used to help encourage the lower jaw forward. In many cases, this appliance is needed to correct an overbite. Instructions can be found here.

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Fixed Retainer

A lower lingual archwire is commonly used as a space maintainer. It maintains the position of the molars as adult teeth are erupting in the lower arch.

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Floss Threader

A Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE) is used to expand the width of the palate. It is commonly used to eliminate crossbites.

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