Do our doctors only look at teeth?


Our friends #AsktheSchoettgerDoctors : Does an orthodontist only look at your teeth? Definitely not!⁠⁠Moving or manipulating your teeth means that we always think about your outward appearance and bite functionality in adults, and all of that along with more in children as they grow. Our doctors are planning for how those moves will affect your jawline and […]

New paint in our Next Wave Kid’s Club room!


The Next Wave wall got a facelift from local Brooke Petermann Art and we couldn’t love it more! Do you recognize anyone’s picture? Ask us how to join our Kid’s Club to get your children’s pictures up, a free t-shirt, and an ice cream coupon on their birthday! Plus they get to see this newly […]

What are Invisalign company’s provider tiers?


We say we are a Diamond (Top 1%) Invisalign Provider, but what does that mean? This means our doctors have vast experience with detailing smiles using this system, and have prescribed hundreds of treatment plans with Invisalign clear aligners. Essentially, it’s Invisalign’s way of recognizing doctors in certain experience levels. We love Invisalign treatment if […]

What Orthodontic Problems Can Invisalign Fix?

Invisalign orthodontist lincoln ne

What Tooth Conditions Can Your Orthodontist Fix Using Invisalign Clear Aligners? In the hands of an experienced Orthodontist, Invisalign treatment can change your smile dramatically. People are often confused about what Invisalign can and cannot fix when they go for orthodontic treatment. An Orthodontist uses Invisalign clear aligners as a tool to guide your teeth […]

The fastest braces are digital!

Suresmile wires

Guess what? These save you time in two ways! This is one day of deliveries for us of our SureSmile braces wires, and we have loved these for our Schoettger families. Our doctors use digital iTero scans to prescribe wires to be shaped exactly to their specifications in the computer. Because the wire movements are […]

What is the right age to see an orthodontist?

After orthodontic treatment

Rylee is back in to check her RPE (Rapid Palatal Expander), and they made amazing progress! Look at the difference in her smile since last time! The space in between her centrals (front two teeth) is one indication her palate (roof of her mouth) is indeed expanding, which will keep her out of crossbite (and […]

All new WHITE GOLD brackets!

Champagne white gold braces brackets

An all-new WHITE GOLD bracket has been added to our lineup of smile options, and we can’t believe how much we love it! Thank you for showing off your new #SchoettgerShine, Garrett! In February, we started using a NEW aesthetic bracket that is champagne colored, and it has been very popular with all ages, even […]

Rylee gets an RPE (Rapid Palatal Expander)!

Braces lincoln ne

Around age 7, children have a mix of baby (primary) and permanent teeth. Having your first free visit as permanent teeth take the place of baby teeth, and as the face and jaws are growing, gives our doctors a lot of information. If a problem exists, or if one is developing, our doctors are able […]

Did you know? We make our own permanent retainers.

Suresmile digital braces

Did you know we make our own lingual wires in our office? We have our own lab technician, the expert, Ellen! Our doctors can also bend these wires whenever necessary. We’re talking about the permanent wires we bond to the back of your front teeth after braces or Invisalign treatment to keep them exactly as […]