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We are an exciting group, and you will notice new fun things happening at each of your visits!  Our biggest news this year is that we remodeled our office to better serve our patients and our procedural flow with two doctors.  We made more space for our full suite of digital technology, and paid tribute to the hard work of our remodel team when we dressed as construction workers for Halloween!  We are so proud of their hard work.  Keep up with us here to know the latest and greatest, or find us on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest!

Where to check out behind-the-scenes peeks of our wonderful experience!

Dr. Jared read this book to his daughter's preschool!

We love to support our community.

Custom Yeti details!

We are so grateful for our expert team!

Welcome to our remodeled practice!

We love being part of our communities!

We love to celebrate our team!

We love our team!

We are so grateful for you.

Holiday team photo booth at its finest!

We cannot thank you enough for your service.

You have never seen Dr. Jared be so understated!

I think Christmas suits are our new tradition!

Kendra Scott necklaces are our team gift this year!

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