How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Yes! It is common in other offices to charge more for Invisalign clear aligners, but here, the treatment fee quoted to you for your specific smile will be the same no matter if you choose traditional braces brackets, clear top braces brackets, or Invisalign clear aligners.

Yes! We set everyone up with no-interest payment plans and automatic payments for your convenience.

We accept all insurance plans and will check for you at your first appointment what your dental insurance plan will cover and take that into consideration when setting up your payment options sheet. We are also PPO for many of the main insurance providers in Nebraska.

There is a payment-in-full discount and we offer a family discount as well.

Once you start your plan, everything is included. Every visit you need, after-hours care or questions if ever needed, soft tissue laser recontouring or cosmetic tooth reshaping if necessary, one round of retainers at the end of treatment, even extended to checkup visits up to a year after treatment is all at no extra charge.

Ready to see your new smile?

Use the Invisalign Smile View technology to scan your smile with a selfie and see your results in under 5 minutes.