Why should teeth be straightened?

Orthodontic treatment improves your smile and your health. A great smile improves your appearance, and also leads to enhanced confidence. But most importantly, straight teeth are healthy teeth.

Poorly arranged teeth can break easily and trap food particles that cause tooth decay and gum disease. People with crooked teeth generally have heightened risks for cavities and gum problems because the teeth are harder to clean and place extra stress on the other teeth, as well as the gums and jaw.

Crooked teeth are also harder to clean so that people with crooked teeth tend to have more cavities and gum problems than people who have orthodontic treatment. Crooked teeth wear in ways that they should not. This puts extra stress on your teeth, gums and jaw which can lead to problems later on.

A lesser known risk with crooked teeth is the possibility of breathing problems. As you get older the roof your mouth can sometimes partially block the air passages in your nose. If you have orthodontic treatment you can avoid this possibility.

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