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To us,
it's about finding
your own shine,
at any age.

Dr. Bob,¬†Dr. Jared, and Dr. Anna (a family of board-certified¬†orthodontists in Lincoln, NE!) pay attention to all the details and know the best way to bring out everyone’s different, best smile, at any age.

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Shine Guarantee

Orthodontics to fit your needs


Invisalign treatment is a nearly invisible way to get your brightest smile, in the hands of experienced doctors, who prescribe each individual tooth movement.


We are one of the few SureSmile braces providers in Lincoln, and we apply this technology to shorten overall treatment time and make your braces treatment more precise.


As permanent teeth take the place of baby teeth, and as the face and jaws are growing, a first free visit lets parents know if help is needed with their kids growing smiles.

Top 1% Invisalign Provider

Diamond Tier is one of the highest levels of commitment to using Invisalign clear aligners as a tool to perfect your smile.

This means our doctors have vast experience with detailing smiles using this system, and have prescribed hundreds of treatment plans with Invisalign clear aligners.
Top 1%
Tooth insurance
Two doctors with safety as the highest priority
Having two expert orthodontic specialists (who happen to be father & son!) means more well-rounded treatment approaches, more appointment times, and a family atmosphere and values.

We have loved being part of the local community for over 40 years!

The Schoettger Difference

Braces orthodontist

SureSmile digital braces

We are one of the very few SureSmile braces providers in Lincoln and the surrounding communities, and our doctors apply this technology to shorten treatment time and make your braces treatment more precise.

Yes! We also have clear brackets and customizations!
Orthodontist office

In-house lab + all digital technology

We have four iTero digital scanners to send exact computer models to start Invisalign or SureSmile braces, meaning we have eliminated gooey impressions for these cases!

We also build all of our jaw appliances and retainers in-house, so our doctors have more control over fit and timing of early intervention tools, mostly used for children.

How do you get started?

It's just four easy steps
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Virtual or In-Person

Schedule Your Free Consult

Meet us in-person or virtually through a personalized video sent to you from our doctors. We are honored to get to know you and your family. It's free to find out our doctors' recommended treatment plan for your smile!

The AAO recommends children visit an orthodontist at age 7 to possibly intercept conditions during growth, and adult treatment is very common.
Virtual or In-Person
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Braces or Invisalign Treatment

Choose Your Smile Experience

We'll help guide your smile experience and find whether your smile would respond best with Invisalign clear aligners or braces. Or, a young child may have other early interceptive orthodontic options that we can help with during growth.

We get started with a free digital scan, which takes five minutes or less and includes a smile simulation so you can see what is possible for your own smile!
Braces or Invisalign Treatment
No-Interest In-House Financing

Pick Your Payment Plan

Your treatment fee is the same regardless of if you choose braces or Invisalign clear aligners, and we offer no-interest payment plans and provide automatic monthly payments for your convenience.

We accept all insurance plans and are PPO for many of the main orthodontic insurance providers in Nebraska.

Family discounts apply as well as a discount for payment in full. You find out all your payment options at your first visit and all your questions will be answered.
No-Interest In-House Financing
Fix my smile
Your Journey Is our Journey

Join The Fun!

We make your smile experience fun and easy, and you will finish with a stable bite and your ideal result, held with provided retainers.
Your Journey Is our Journey

Join Our
Next Wave Kids Club!

A free t-shirt and birthday ice cream coupons, and seeing your pic on our wave wall: become a part of the fun even if you're not ready for treatment yet!

Fun Family Events

From our Halloween haunted hallway to summer food truck events and renting out movie theaters, we're here to make your experience more than just orthodontics.

Shine Bright

We give back to our community schools and youth activities as well as charitable organizations, and we are active in setting up support for local small businesses.

#Schoettger Shine

We want to celebrate how dynamic our patients are, with merch matches for everyone! Try our dad caps, enamel pins, tote bags and more!
Expert team,
Amazing people

With many members of our team serving our patients for over ten years,
we are confident in each other and in our treatment support.

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Emma's Story

Schoettger Orthodontics gave me my best smile!

Starting life with a severe underbite, Dr. Schoettger helped align my jaw for the first phase. I was in grade school at the time and he answered my questions, helping me to understand exactly what was happening.

For the second phase, under the care of Dr. Jared Schoettger, my adult teeth were moved to bring my bite into perfect alignment.

Both doctors have a fun sense of humor that made me look forward to seeing them each visit. I'm grateful for my beautiful smile and thank everyone at Schoettger Orthodontics for making it happen!

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Dr. Jared Schoettger

"Emma's treatment journey is a great example of early interceptive orthodontics!

Her first phase was important to remove functional crossbites and interferences. When she had all of her adult teeth in, we were able to align her teeth into her wonderful smile she has today."

Ready to find your own #SchoettgerShine?