Did you know? We make our own permanent retainers.

SureSmile Digital Braces

Did you know we make our own lingual wires in our office? We have our own lab technician, the expert, Ellen! Our doctors can also bend these wires whenever necessary. We’re talking about the permanent wires we bond to the back of your front teeth after braces or Invisalign treatment to keep them exactly as they have been placed by our doctors.

Usually the fastest way to make these for us with our lab, is to take a small impression of just the front few teeth, turn that into a plaster model, then bend the small wire to fit against the teeth perfectly so our doctors can bond it to your teeth at the end of treatment. We do this all in our office, with no sending or receiving items or waiting for shipping.

Since March though, we changed our systems to have less contact with impression material, and now use our digital iTero scanners to send your exact teeth information to create a 3D printed model and use that to bend the wire against. So we’re still bending our own wires in-house, but no longer taking impressions for them, and the 3D models are very cool (pictured here)! 

Permanent lingual wires are included in your orthodontic treatment fee along with a clear removable retainer to wear at night. These are the best ways to keep your smile exact afterwards! Did you know we make our own wires and retainers?

So lingual wires

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