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Yes of course! Our doctors are experts in the way teeth move safely, at any age. Children are recommended by the AAO to be seen by age seven to possibly intercept growth issues, and we see every age of teens and adults!

Being treated by our Orthodontists ensures your treatment is safe for a stable bite, and monitored correctly to prevent tooth damage as your teeth move. 

Yes! Around age 7, children have a mix of baby (primary) and permanent teeth. Having your first free visit as permanent teeth take the place of baby teeth, and as the face and jaws are growing, gives our doctors a lot of information. If a problem exists, or if one is developing, our doctors are able to advise you on whether treatment is recommended, when it should begin, what form treatment will take, and estimate its length.

Remember, there is a difference between an orthodontic check-up and actually starting orthodontic treatment. Only a few orthodontic problems will need correction around age 7. Even so, not all treatment is done using braces or Invisalign treatment, and these other corrections are called interceptive orthodontics. If early corrections are necessary, they can often make later treatment easier or more successful.

In the event that a problem is detected, our doctors often will take a “wait-and-see” approach, and will check your child’s growth and development periodically (these visits are also free of charge). If treatment is needed, it can begin at the appropriate age for your child.

Yes! Once you start your plan, every visit you need, after-hours care or questions if ever needed, soft tissue laser recontouring or cosmetic tooth reshaping if necessary, one round of retainers at the end of treatment, even extended to checkup visits up to a year after treatment is all at no extra charge.

Yes! Here, the treatment fee quoted to you for your specific smile will be the same no matter if you choose traditional braces brackets, clear upper braces brackets, or Invisalign clear aligners.

Yes! We set everyone up with no-interest payment plans and automatic payments for your convenience.

Yes! We accept all insurance plans and will check for you at your first appointment what your dental insurance plan will cover and take that into consideration when setting up your payment options sheet. Most plans offer the same benefits for in- and out-of-network providers.

We are also PPO for many of the main insurance providers in Nebraska, including Ameritas, United Concordia, Principal, Cigna, MetLife, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, and Delta.

Yes! If you are one of our Schoettger families, tap here to set up or to log in to your account where you can see your payments and even print receipts for your HSA or FSA records.

Yes! No referral is necessary to make a virtual or in-person free first visit appointment with our doctors.

It is extremely important to continue visiting your general family dentist regularly for cleanings and hygiene checks, especially during orthodontic treatment.

Yes! Those who wish to become orthodontists must continue their education after dental school, and successfully complete a two-to-three year course of study in orthodontics at an accredited orthodontic residency program.

This extra education qualifies them as specialists in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. As specialists, orthodontists limit their scope of practice to orthodontics only.

Orthodontists are uniquely qualified, by virtue of education and scope of practice, as experts who have the skills and experience to give you or your child a healthy and beautiful smile.

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Emma's Story

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Schoettger Orthodontics gave me my best smile!

Starting life with a severe underbite, Dr. Schoettger helped align my jaw for the first phase. I was in grade school at the time and he answered my questions, helping me to understand exactly what was happening.

For the second phase, under the care of Dr. Jared Schoettger, my adult teeth were moved to bring my bite into perfect alignment.

Both doctors have a fun sense of humor that made me look forward to seeing them each visit. I'm grateful for my beautiful smile and thank everyone at Schoettger Orthodontics for making it happen!

Img 0829 scaled
Dr. Jared Schoettger

"Emma's treatment journey is a great example of early interceptive orthodontics! Her first phase was important to remove functional crossbites and interferences. When she had all of her adult teeth in, we were able to align her teeth into her wonderful smile she has today."

Suzanne's Story

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Dr. Jared and his staff made Invisalign treatments easy and convenient as an adult.

The personalized treatment plan helped me to achieve a pain free and beautiful smile! Schoettger Orthodontics made Invisalign a great experience from start to finish.

Dr. Jared clearly explained all of my treatment options and showed attention to my progress at each follow-up to ensure the best possible outcomes. I am thrilled with the results!

Img 0829 scaled
Dr. Jared Schoettger

"Suzanne had a deeper bite that was showing some signs of wear. We were able to open that up and improve the angle to allow a more natural path of function for chewing and prevent further wearing."

Invisalign results transformations
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